Too little space? Want to improve your picking process? Automation has the answer

Automated storage solutions offer benefits that grow with your business

  • Save time – speed up order picking by up to 400%
  • Innovative software – standalone or integrate with your WMS system
  • Increase precision – achieve picking accuracy of over 99%
  • Free up space – by reducing the size of the footprint needed by up to 80%
  • Work ergonomically – through comfortable retrieval of items
  • Simple operation – using innovative touch screens and colour picking

Below is a selection of Kardex solutions - view to see how automated solutions can increase your processes and save you space

Shuttle XP

Automated Vertical Lift optimally stores  a wide range of items - perfect for stock of mixed weights and sizes

Megamat RS

Automated vertical carousel with excellent order picking performance – perfect for frequently accessed goods


Vertical Buffer Module

A new standard for storing small parts or buffering prefabricated assembly sets used in production

Horizontal Carousel

A flexible solution adapted to deliver optimal processing for picking orders

Don't wait! Future proof your storage and order picking today

Kardex Remstar can support you with innovative storage and retrieval solutions to optimally organise your warehouse, free up valuable space, and increase productivity.

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